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Friendship is a precious gift in life. This poem is about learning to trust one another and sharing the parts of your soul that long for understanding.

Follow Me

Take my hand and follow me
to that place I long to be.
Take my hand and trust my way,
in that place forever stay.
Follow me toward the sand;
we'll run and play, hand in hand.
Take my heart and hold it true;
forever I'll stay close to you.
Seize my words and listen well,
then forever I will tell.
Release your heart and feelings too,
just as I will do for you.
Trust your heart and follow me,
to that place we long to be.
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12 Visitor Comments

This has a truly holy and sacrsanct feel to it. What a beauty ! Pure poetry in abstract motion !
i like it yar i realy like it do write jus try 2 awake words more n more . keep it up
I love this poem its holds alot of meaning and I can really relate to it.
hey. i was reading all your poems and think they are amazing. im doing a project in english and i used one. you should write about your self. i have to write about the author. and it would be helpful even for others who want to use your work. ur amazing, keep writing.
This poem said just what I wanted to say!
this poem was rly gd i liked it and it reminded me of a few things fanx
i like all the poems i've read here! it makes my life feel complete! thanks that!
your poem was very good. and I hope that me and my friends will be together forever and as close to each other as posiible.
wonderful poem it describes a really great relationship! i would love to see more poems by you!
I've been there,,nice poem.
i enjoyed your poem it really is a good one
Wow! I love it! I wish I could write that good. Thanks for sharing your work!

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