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As children, and sometimes as adults, we are plagued by imaginary fears. And nothing is as scary as imagination posing as reality.


Internal fears within the night,
"Mommy, Daddy! Leave on the light!"
Yet something doesn't feel quite right.

"Are there monsters under my bed?"
Said the voice from under my bed.

"How many are under there?", I weep.
"NONE," it roars, "NOW GO TO SLEEP!"
I feel some fingers on my feet.

Neurotic fears is where it's at!
Face your fears and lay them flat!
I go to sleep with my baseball bat.

Awake! I sit up in the night,
Sensing something on my right.
I grip my bat and start the fight.

Swinging high into the night
My bat strikes home, hard and tight.
I flip a switch. Light! Light!

I see a lump upon the ground,
Wearing slippers, soft and brown...
I've whacked my papa on the crown!
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9 Visitor Comments

this poe is perfect for my poetry dlsm cuz i got picked and i needed a farely funny poem and this one works great
It made me laugh!
This is a great poem. I give it an 8 of 10. A poem anyone can relate to.
Cute poem. Laughed a lot after reading it.
it's very funny
lauren aka bobby
ive never laughed so hard at a poem! LOL! thas so cute its beyond cute
I really enjoyed this poem! It made me laugh alot!
Very funny
Fear I never had as a child and I still do not have. Seeing fear of the night in my children is quite striking. Your poem is just fascinating and describes many a nightmare that children have. Poor Pa! Well done.

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