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This poem is meant to be an expression Of a child's view of life. I am a teenager Myself, and homonyms confuse me still. This is not supposed to be a serious poem, So have fun.


People always lie to me,
They never tell the truth.
To find out what they're telling me,
I have to be a sleuth.
My friend said he was sorry,
But I know his name is Ben,
And if my mom is in a pickle,
What am I in, then?
My dad is using Moose for Men,
My sister's eating kicks.
My brother's going out tonight
To go and pick up chicks.
A frog is in my brother's throat,
Our cat is in the bag,
I'm driving mother up the wall,
This party is a drag.
My grandpa must discover
The fountain of his youth.
See? People always lie to me.
They never tell the truth.
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20 Visitor Comments

Kashu Kara
This poem is off the hook. It really takes the cake.
carly and laura
I thought that your poem was so funny. I can really relate to it.
It was A really cool poem and I thought it was quite funny. I really enjoyed it. It was great.
i loved your play on words in this poem. it was very cute. it remindes me of everyday life. surprisingly. :)
I think this is a great poem. I might read it to my class when I do my presentation on homonyms, homophones, and homographs.
this is soo cute! couldn't stop smiling!
Wonderfully clever! Loved it.
it was very cute i loved it
hahahahahaha!loved it just loved it!
this poem was just great! i wud say much more but then it wouldn't fit on this page. ur greatness has no limits
this is just so true
I totally agree i hate it when people lie to u and, when they are telling the truth,u have no idea if it's the truth or not so i really like ur poem thanks i just might use it for my english class i need to talk about what it's about first then im gonna have to read it k bye
Wow, that poem's cool! I guess I should go put on a jacket! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go put myself in my little sisters shoes.
very cute.a good way to look at things
cool.I really like it.
very cute i liked it
Lotis, I have a teen. I always put myself in his shoes. I'm going to let him read this. If you do not mind. Your poem meant a lot to me. Thanks!
This poem is hillarious!! loved it
Great poem, lets see some more!
i thought this poem was so cute i loved it

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