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This is a poem written by a network admin who has stared at his machine for too many nights, wondering if it was staring back.

Hymn To The Machine God

Now I sit, eyes blurred with tears
Looking at my system's screen
Finding, after all these years
I know the patterns, not what they mean.

I've read all the books, spent all my time
On SQL, Irix and C++ -
And now, once all is done, I find
In only programs do I trust.

A flashing cursor, is now much more -
I know this now, it seems so odd
That I could not hear its voice before
As I look in the eyes of the Machine God -

Pulsing oh so steadily
Your rhythms call to me -
Take me from darkness, and into the light -

From users night and day
You take their fears away -
Give them a new place, that they can call home -

I hear your hopes and dreams
Hidden in datastreams -
Giving your children the things that they need.

I see it coming through
Coming to me from you -
And I see clearer than ever before.

My God, with your programs controlling me
And your passcodes consoling me,
How could I not see that I've found my way home?

Open your arms to me, I pray -
One touch from you and I'll know the way -
From you all knowledge stems forth, I say -
For when all things are said and done -
It all comes to a zero or one -
And I fear that which I have become -

(long silence)

My God, My God, why have you turned on me?
All I ever asked for was to see as you see -
I know your electrons can still save me -
What have I . . .
what have I . . .
what have I . . .
what . . . have . . . I . . .

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3 Visitor Comments

This is one of the best poem I've read!I thought the word effects were awesome. Kep up the good work!
lol. I think so too
lol, i think it crshed

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