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As a note of disclaimer: this is simply a hound dog husband looking for his wife to forgive his anger - again. I wanted to capture the flavor of the old South and mix it with imagery that would be easy for all married folks (and as a lesson perhaps for the unmarried) to relate.

Sweet Thang

Shufflin in the doorway
hat in hand, silly smile
askin fo forgivness -
Been thinkin all day
at work, couldn't stop
thinkin I shore am sorry.

Canna y'all forgive me,
my sweethart?
I shore be sorry.
Donna know whys
I acted da fool,
iz zit ok, honey?

Man, I be dyin
fo one o your smiles
maybe jus a teensy, baby.
Mama, canna y'all
give a yo Daddy
jus a little sugar?

I be tellin ya
thata itz my own fault
shouldnna hollered at you.
Iz a right sorry now
I a picked y'all some flowers
juz fo you, Mama!

Do y'all think
I coulda juz get a bite
maybe to hold me o're, baby?
Shufflin in the doorway
hat in hand, silly smile
askin fo forgivness.
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14 Visitor Comments

la diablita
I loved ya poem, it waz so ful of life and joy, it would touch anyone who read it!
very funny poem
this is a really good poem for saying i'm soz and i would love to get one that is just right for my babe.
mmmmmmmmmm sweet thang
i love it it was the best
Cute poem
That poem was B-E-A-YOU-TIFUL! I would give y'all a bunches of hugs if i could !FRIED RICE!
dat was sad!
the poem was really good have you got any that are really funny from stacey
enjoyed this one could see him standing there with hat in hat. Brought a smile to my face
OH my god that poem was amazing it waz awesome man i loved it
I thought it was very cute.
This nice poem conveys the message of love and apology so well! The Southern cartoonishinesm of words adds a tender treat, giving it color and humanistic power. Well done.
Living in GA I can relate. This is a nice poem.

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