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Depression can be a dreadful thing. It overwhelms your emotions, your moods, the way you think, act, and respond to everyday life. The worst of it is depression is an invisible enemy; most never even see it coming.

Still, fighting depression can seem even more dreadful at times. How can one muster strength from weakness. How can one derive hope from despair. Sometimes it seems you're weaponless, taking stand against a raging "beast".

I don't claim to know the answers, I only know this is the battle I fight every day of my life. More often than not, just getting through to tomorrow is a gallant victory.

Thank you, PoetDeVine, for caring enough to see the signs. This one is dedicated to you.

Life's Epic Battle

With crystal clear alacrity,
I wake to the onrush of self pity.
Gathering gumption, I stand to fight.
All the strength of a porcelain knight.

Grasping the lance of frail truth,
Fragmented dreams of distraught youth.
Donning the shield of denial,
A helmet with a painted smile.

Bearing, proud, the breastplate of shame.
I willfully mount the steed, untame.
Holding high, for all to see, the crest-
Of broken dreams clung to in jest.

Gallantly, I charge into the joust-
On hope, so easy and often doused.
Braving the onslaught of sorrow,
Prestigiously gaining tomorrow.

Carrying home a prize that none would share.
Over the battlefields of despair.
To celebrate, alone, in toast and feast-
(If but for today), a conquered beast.
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