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If the life that you have been living ended today, could you honestly say that it was a good life? Please don't look at this poem as a sad one, but rather as a reminder of how invaluable human life really is. To Reflect is not only a poem about suicide, but also a poem about life.

Take a moment to reflect on your life. Are things the way you wish them to be? If not, what can you do to improve. Life is precious: Enjoy it!!!

To Reflect

On those stones I walked alone,
bearing only the name that I’d been given.
I walked until I reached the shore,
of the life that I’ve been living.

Staring into breaking waves
memories of broken days
and all the times that went away.
Reflecting on my life.

On that bridge I walked alone,
staring down at rocks below.
I dreamed at last I was back home,
in the company of those I’ve known.

Hanging on a steel beam
separating life from dream
listening to the running stream.
Reflecting on my life.

On those stones I lay alone,
motionless and without breath.
And now at last I’ve found my home,
Reflecting on my death.
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6 Visitor Comments

AWESOME! This is one that if read with an open mind. it's just AWESOME! I love it!
made me think. thanks for this.
Very deep and emotional. Made me reflect on my own life. Truly touched my heart.
I'm a poet myself and I liked yours. Your kind of right, life is just like a reflection, but, it's the way you look at it, that sends you in the right direction.Think about it?!Would like to keep intouch!
I like this poem very much, it says a lot. I can invision the person in this poem doing just that, reflecting on his life at his deeds good and bad to see where he came from and where he is now. GREAT WRITING
Very genuine and very emotional.

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