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I wrote this after a very heart breaking day...I always grew up believing that you can have all you want if you try with all you have and never give up. Everyone around me laughed and said I have much to learn, that most dreams don't come true... I know you can't have all you want because I've been there and I cried because I thought it was impossible for me to fail.. I always though I was a strong person who stood up for what I believed. Now I begin to understand that it's not whether you fail as long as you fail trying!!!!!


As we lead our different lives
There are days when all is wrong
When nothing seems right

When you feel like
The deep blue sky will fall on you
Yet you don't seem to mind

When the unexpected happens
When you worst fears become reality
When your dreams are shattered to pieces
When you realize
That you can't have all you want

When they tell you
"I told you so"
For believing in what they call foolish dreams
When they tell you to grow up
When they tell you to deal with it
When they say give it up and move on

You look at the stars and you softly cry
Saying that life isn't for those who give up
You wipe your tears and take a deep breath
As you say to yourself "You can't have all you want
But you can never give up
on trying to have as much as you can......"

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7 Visitor Comments

I loved this poem. It is inspirational.
I realy loved this pomes was realy nice you keept real keep up the good work nora
I read this poem and i think it's lovely! Yes it's sad,but it's very true about life. I'm a person to who nerver give up,it does work. I also have a dream and i know deep down that oneday it will happen,just don't give up. Keep your dream in your heart and adn yes we never know when it comes true but oneday it will, but if that dream does not come true,take a deep breath,it was just not met to be. Remmber Never give in life,if you do then thatas when you start to fail!Loved the peom, made me think thanx stephxx
this is for sure a lovely piece of note on life..
I sent this poem to my Granddaughter on the day she did not make the basketball team-which was one of her dreams. Thank you for writing the uplifting words.
I think you are great at writting and your poem will most likely change peoples perspective on life . Keep Up The Great Work!!!

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