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I came to America from Poland about 5 years ago I thought everything will be ok That no one would be racist. But I was wrong. Until this day people judge me because of my race. Even my school treats me differently, even though I'm above average they think of me as below normal. I wrote this to show how I feel about this .


I walk down the street
I look left and right
I hoping people will like
I hope they don't mind

I'm not from around here
I came from far away
I'm a stranger among them
I hope that's ok

I walk in fear
I look in confusion
I feel a tear in my eye

They look at me differently
But I heard they're so nice
The life here's so easy
It'll all be all right

They give me a look
Some start to laugh
What's going on?
When I ask them why,
They tell me to do the "math"

I don't know their language,
I don't know their ways,
I'm scared and petrified
in my childish ways

So my face is different color
my language not the one you speak -
Because of that, am I really bad?
I always thought I was unique

It's been awhile now.
I got used to the taunting.
I stopped caring
Stopped hoping
they'll find me to their liking
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Hello Angel Thanks for the poem, it is more than great, I really like it. I hope you continue working so hard. I do like all of your poems, they are verry beautifull and powerfull. I am also writing some poems but I am from Bulgaria and I can't speak English that fluently. I am able to understand your poems which makes me happy. I am differnt, I am not from here, I am from the other end of the world, everything and everybody is new for me, if someone had thought me a joke I don't understand it, I have my own strange sense of humor, so nobody understands me. The poem best describes me, I have nothing more to say than thanks!
beautiful- i want to give you a big hug and take the pain away, awesome poetry! it speaks the truth no-one ever wants to hear!
I really love this poem because i can relate to it. It's beautiful and describes exactly the way i felt when i moved from my home country to another one.
choice poem writing
I think that this is the best poem I have aver read I also think that the author is the best poet I read other poems by this author and they truly touched my heart.thank you.

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