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This poem reminds me of my time spent growing up in Africa, I had a willow tree outside my bedroom window that I used to play on all the year 'round, and these were some of the stories I used to act out on it.

Whispering Willows

Whispering willows in the wind,
Throughout their calm, majestic leaves,
Breathe a sigh of unspoken tales,
Fables of hangings and murder plots,
The love-affairs of courting couples,
Names on bark entwined for love,
Sleeping beasts awaken at dawn,
Burrowing to the surface skin,
But at night, how she sleeps,
Her slow steady process,
Growing, receiving and giving new hope,
Where she falls, others will succeed,
Her place overturned in the,
Circle of life.
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4 Visitor Comments

Bravo Laura! That WAS A FUN POEM! Lots of words pictures for the mind to imagine - Loved it.
I really enjoyed this poem. I loved the story it told. It makes me wish that I had had a willow tree!
This poem really makes you think and always know that some one or some thing is listing to you Great Job.
I had growen up in Northern Ohio and as a boy we had a pond surrounded by willows in the back yard and I to had spent many hours under my willows. They would protect me from the summer suns, and the troubles of the day.. In that I do find this tail one that can surly brings to mind the wonders and the tails of life.

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