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Poem about a shy person in love who is depressed by the situation yet hopeful too.

For Me

I watch you,
Yet I cannot speak.
My tongue is tied
And it makes me weep.
Interested in you, I am.
But my shyness withholds me from action.
Oh Bedeviled soul!
Why must it be this way?
It is difficult to force myself to act
Dealing with such lavish beauty.
I would like to get to know you,
But I'm too self conscious.
Worried about what they would say.
Being an introvert-a blessing and my curse!
It helps me elsewhere,
But here it hurts!
It frustrates me to no end.
I feel lonely.
Depressed and lonely.
No one who totally understands me.
No significant other.
It seems loneliness is my fate.
Cursed Fate!
But I must remember that fate is
My own making.
I must strive to overcome
Strive to ita fac id.
Wishing will get me nowhere.
No train, or car, or plane, to take, no.
Only determination and ambition will get me
To my destination.
What is my destination?
Eternal life.
Eternal happiness.
But I need someone to journey with me.
To experience with me.
To live with me.
To love me.
For me to love.
For me to cherish.
For me to care for.
For me to be faithful.
For me too.
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3 Visitor Comments

wow ! this poem was great and sad ive felt this way before, for a boy of course! good luck and try to believe in yourself a little more. great poem!
This poem gets to my heart.
This poem is so true. I think that it is one that deserves to be seen by everyone. Thank you Mr.Sharton for writing this.

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