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Life is so full of lessons but one people never seem to learn is about self-acceptance. Just be the best that you can be and most will accept you as you are.

The Loser

They say that I’m a loser
And perhaps that may be true
Since I don’t have a lot of friends
And my interests are but few
I’m not a worldly person
Well versed in social graces
So I prefer to stay at home
Than go to public places
I don’t go out to parties
Or places where you dance
And I haven’t had a date in years
Afraid to take a chance
People always make me nervous
Because I’m rather shy
Lacking in the confidence
To be a stand up guy
I’m not a very clever man
Nor can I tell a joke
I’m neither tall or handsome
And I always am flat broke
I have no sense of humor
Or talent to create
Is it any wonder then
That I don’t have a mate
In spite of all that I am not
I never get depressed
For I’ve accepted who I am
Being second best
They say that I’m a loser
And perhaps that may be true
But if I had to change my life
I’d wind up being you
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9 Visitor Comments

live your life to the fullest. be the best that you can be and enjoy your life. Life is too short to worry about what othere people think of you. as long as you are a good loving kind person and pleasing in God site, then all is all good.
this is whta I am , and I hope i'll not change IN a thousands of births!
It touched my heart , because somewhere it describes how i feel some times
I like the way you honest towards yourself.
I loved this poem. It describes how I feel when people make fun of me just because I'm not EXACTLY like them! Wonderful poem!
I Like your poem. It reminds me of myself and how at times I think my friends feel about me. I wish I was brave enough to tell them I think their ashame of me. I enjoy the poem it was very good I hope you find that special friend someday that won't judge you and except you for who you are.
chuck- this is beautiful, someday, you'll find someone who loves you for who you are, someone who sees you through God's eyes, not the eyes of man, i hope you find them soon!
This poem describes me well. You are very talented.
I like this poem coz it also refers to me.

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