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This poem (for a change) was not inspired by my daughter. This time it was just plain old depression.

I'm Tired

I'm tired!
Yes, Lord, I'm tired!
Tired of being lonely and tired of being alone.
Tired of the voices of women instead of men.

I'm tired of seeing my older face
Where a younger one should be.
Tired of acting my age
When inside I feel twenty-three.

Yes, I'm tired!
Tired of empty arms and empty nights.
Tired of an empty heart and an empty life.
Tired of loving no one and no one loving me.
I'm tired of my own company
And just plain tired of being me.

I'm tired!
Yes, Lord, I'm tired but I can't turn back the years.
I just need your help, Lord,
To get through these middle age tears.
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10 Visitor Comments

its an amazing poem it has alot of touches
Excellent! My oldest daughter is going through a very painful divorce and she is alone and lonely and I read this and thought of her. Her husband was granted primary custody of the children after he sucessfully evicted my daughter and the children from the home they shared for ten years. His family owned the property and the judge in York County PA ruled for them. Then when she came to live with her family and look for housing, his attorney called for a relief hearing and had the children returned to the father stating that she couldn't remove the children from the County and school district without notifying the court. Very cruel for both her and the children as when they were told they had to leave and return there without Mom they fell to the floor and sobbed. So now she sees them only on two weekends a month. And the children tell us all the time how they miss her. So you see your words ring so true to my daughter. Thank you for sharing such a touching poem.
I thought your poem was very touching and how close it comes to the truth. I think this poems hits the spot for a lot of people.
This poem is reflection of my thoughts too. Very good poem. Sometimes, few words can tell so much, it is evident from this poem.
I feel your pain.
This poem is my life... It is truely wonderful to find that someone was able to put it into words. Thanks!
It's so beautiful. It made me cry.
i understand this poem to the fullnest
atomic rays
I thought this poem made great sense and meant somthing to me.

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