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A friend of mine confided in me his dream of owning a book store on a Caribbean island some day. He is a lover of Jimmy Buffet music, and I wrote this for him. Trying to capture the Buffetesque atmosphere and his dream of the Caribbean bookstore. Dedicated to Bebop4U2. I hope you follow your dream Bebop!

Caribbean Soul

Close your eyes and drift with me, to a sublime little shop next to the sea.
Soar with me across the miles,
Feel free to share your thoughts and smiles.
Over land and ocean blue,
To where white, sandy beaches welcome you.

In a harbor safe and calm,
With shade provided by the palm,
Sits a little store.
Within its walls are stored hopes, fears, drama, tears and more.
Its shuttered windows are opened wide,
To let sweet tropical breezes drift inside.

As you walk through its portal,
You are greeted by the aroma of pipe tobacco and honeysuckle.
Ceiling fans stir the lazy air,
And you know that you are welcomed there. The walls are lined with
shelves of books, And the owner smiles at your astonished looks.

Cozy little tables fill the space between; Flaubert and Steven King.
In one corner sits a bar,
With tropical treasures collected from near and far.
It's shelves are well stocked,
Complete with spirits, spring water, and a java pot.
Strains of six-string music fill the air,
And whisk away your every care.

A handsome man, with eyes of piercing blue,
Saunters over and welcomes you.
He casually sets down his pipe,
And asks, "Do you see anything you like? ".
Just then a maiden, true and fair,
Walks from behind the bar with flowers in her hair.

Her scent is that of honeysuckle pure and sweet,
And she pads toward you on bare feet.
They are both clad in cutoff shorts, and baggy tees.
Any fool can see, that they love each other desperately.

They welcome you to share a tale,
To spin a yarn, to set your soul a- sail.
Then she walks to a make- shift stage,
And softly reads from Phillip Gage.
The man makes you comfortable, sets you up with drinks and fruit.
He welcomes you to take a look.
To browse the shelves for your favorite book.
He smiles and walks back over to his pipe, And pauses briefly to re- light.

Then he is lost again within her voice.
They are lost in each other, they never had a choice.

Just a little shop, secluded yet sublime,
A small part of our souls that we all should visit . . . once upon a time.
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i love it!1
becuase it is just carming
i dont know i just like it, it remind me about some thing.
beautiful poem.makes me dream
intriguing poem

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