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I was inspired to write this, my only poem to date, after a brief, innocent encounter with a female friend who was slightly more. I became alive enough to write this as if we were living in the big picture of being in love.

Reflections Of Life And Love

Tender is the night we spend in passionate delight,
Craving the sensuality of another's warmth.
Touching like breathing - sustaining life and desire,
Forever embraced, we are consumed by the fire.
Our bonding in love is unlike the vice of lust.
Why do some want without knowing or feeling?
For them the joys of love come suddenly, or not at all.
Spontaneous obsession becomes an eternal void.
Love is neither volatile or immediate.
It is earned and cherished like the gift of life.

We are challenged to exist in spiritual peace,
In a world that frowns its cold face at romanticism.
Love, in years to come, will be obsolete.
To be replaced by that which is more efficient.
Love as a commodity of the future:
Mass-marketed, and conveniently packaged.
Only $19.99 after manufacturer's mail-in rebate.

Do the means justify our end?
Is it better to own without feeling
Than to love without needing?
I want to grow through experience, not material wealth.
That I may be wealthy in experience and love,
I will follow the past least traveled.
With solace in a friend, I have hope and support.
I am fueled by a dream and hardened for the journey,
For love is a lost road upon which few have traveled.
Embracing this thing we call life, we must keep searching.
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I realy like this poem

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