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A poem about what exists in the world outside of our own small community. About all that's waiting to be discovered.

I Wanna

I wanna swim in an ocean that's as blue as the sky
I wanna meat a stranger and look deep into his eyes
I wanna get on a bus and not know where it's going
I wanna walk a million miles from summer to where it's snowing
I wanna watch a sunset over a river in a far off land
I wanna find all the people falling, and lend them a hand
I wanna hold a baby in my arms and breath in its breath
I wanna follow a trail in the woods and learn to defy death
I wanna go to India, and see leather faced men
charming snakes and chanting mantras, learn the art of Zen
I wanna go to Africa and go on a wild safari
I wanna chase lions, see tigers, and eventually meet me

I wanna be all that I know that is in there
and I wanna see a post card, and say that I've been there
I wanna have three children, live in Santa Fe
and when they wake in the night, I wanna be able to say
let me tell you a story, of all the places I've been.
They'll have long hair and long skirts, I'll have them all and then
I wanna die an old woman, peaceful in the breeze.

I wanna be the smoke falling from my lips, away into the trees
I wanna slip into spirit, and at last collapse at God's feet
and ask did I do all you wanted me to, did I see all I could see
and I wanna be there when that love graces my heart
and he'll look into my soul and say, you knew it from the start.
It all started with a young woman, yearning for something new,
who knew all that she could be, was sure that she could do
something nobody had every done before, so she went ahead and began
a trip that lasted a lifetime and started as I swam
in a lake under the moon, stars above in the sky
and I followed somebody for once and never asked them why.

I'll lay back and breath my last breath,
learn that I cannot defy death,
and know it all began before
when I chose to open this door
by proclaiming I'll not be told
to marry young and then grow old
in a place where I was supposed to be
when there was so much more I wanted to see.
That's not how this life will end,
because in the path ahead there's a bend,
and I'll not go around it, see,
I'll strike off of it into the trees
because I'm going to say right now:

I wanna learn and teach myself how
to breath in peace and be here now.
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4 Visitor Comments

Really a waveful poem. It waved me away from this world to that world, which I knew so well. God Bless You!
Amazing! it made me think about what i wanna do with my life. Thank you for writing this wonderful poem and share with us
vibrant! what a beautiful mind Julie has. I have had the pleasure of reading her poetry before, and it was really wonderful to stumble across another after many years of not reading one. Really enjoyable and spirited.
I love the poem! It's exactly how I want my life to be :) Keep up the great work!

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