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I wrote this poem for me, I have children and I feel no child should cry, or be in pain, it's not fair. We as people should know how it is to be a child and we wouldn't want to hurt, so a day no child would cry would be the greatest day to know and remember.

The Day No Child Would Cry

One day there will come a day,
when no child would cry,
when all tears would dry,
and smiles would appear.

Did you ever begin to wonder?
What it would be like?
If a child didn't have to cry,
to feel pain, sorrow,
to feel empty?

We all grow from learning
right from wrong.
Why would we hurt a child?
Children need love.
We, as parents,
are taught to provide it.

We need to learn to give
a child a day of smiles and joy,
and the freedom to be a child.
Never lay our troubles on them.

When a day comes when a child doesn't cry,
will be the day the world
will become a brighter place.
A child lights up the world.

We wouldn't need the sun,
the moon -
we'd have the sunshine, the starlight,
of a child's smile.

It's all the world really needs,
and we can make it happen,
If we let a child be what,
they want to be.

So deep down,
remember -
a child grows from us.
So let's give a child a reason
to smile.
never a day of tears again.

No child should have to cry.
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7 Visitor Comments

your poem is one of the best one I red it touch me so much.
I'm in the process of trying to arrange a concert to celebrate children from broken families and was looking for graphics to use about the tears of children. Your beautiful poem will make a wonderful first page in an information kit that is being prepared. Hopefully, our kit will convince people to help us with our concert that is being called: For the Sake of OUR Children. listen to their tears. President Putting Children and Families First Toronto, Ontario Canada
this very short and so true. i have three kids . i feel this way when my oldest comes home upset and hurt from kids at school. i wish he wouldnt cry but then i want to be able to take all his tears and pain away . i give your poem a 10
I was brought up in Convents from 2 until 15 and in those early years I was also being moved from one home to another, it was very unsettling and I assumed that I must have been the guilty party, as no one wanted me. Patricia
Wow.....this is right on target. This is why I want to be a social worker so I can help make a child life just a little better! May everyone read this poem to remember how children should be treated.
It would be nice if a child didn't have to cry. They are very precious and special.

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