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This poem is about the people who've touched my life and the hardships I went through to get where I am today. I was raised moving around the country, and so I made a lot of friends.

Then one day in the 9th grade I had to move again. I gets harder as you get older to leave those friends that mean so much to you. Writing this poem was one of my ways to express my sadness. In my life the two most important things on this earth are my family and my friends. After all, without them I couldn't have survived thus far. I owe my life and heart to them all and I love them very much.

In My Hand

I hold in my hand a lifetime,
but to you it may be just sand.
I hold in my hand the memories
of a long forgotten land.

I hold in my hand the gateway
to all the good times I knew.
I hold in my hand the bad times
that, in a way are good times too.

I hold in my hand the friendships
that are kept so close to my heart.
I hold in my hand the long years
that were kept so long in the dark.

I hold in my hand the hardships
of moving from place to place.
I hold in my hand the people
and the world they've help me face.

I hold in my hand the holidays
that were spent with the people I love.
I hold in my hand those loved ones
and their hard times yet to come.

I hold in my hand the Bible
and the special things it says.
I hold in my hand the goodness
of the people across the land.
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3 Visitor Comments

Thank you for reminding us all that the friendships we make up along the road of life are part of the foundation of who we are and who we become.
this poem is so pretty i have a special friend her name is sydney and she has been there for me through good and bad times and i think thats what a friend is all about like right now life is going rough and whenever i need to talk shes there to talk to me whenever i need to be cheered up shes there to make me laugh and whenever im having a good time shes there to enjoy it with me and i cant tell her but i love her as a true friend amd thats why i liked this poem you are a very talented writer
Lovely Poem and thoughtful insight. My children would be able to relate to this, I have sent it to them.

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