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I have no tolerance or understanding of jealously, but am witnessing the destruction of a man by its impact on his life.

This is a labour of love for it has taken 20 years to put the right words together. I have yet to find a poem that describes the negative impact that Jealously has. This poem is to help people understand why Jealously is bad.

The Impact Of Jealously

How you have denied my happiness
with envy, mistrust and possessiveness.
Forcing apologies for good times,
while drumming the bad.
Bombarding my emotions with confusion
by twisting the truth and reinforcing guilt.

You stripped my self- worth by exposing
the naked image of discontent.
Distorting the gift of life
by ripping, tearing at my conscience,
so frustrating for those around me.

Rejected, are the warm soothing thoughts
by continuously questioning
trust, honest, loyalty,
the true essence of love.

Above all, you deprived my dignity
of father, husband and manhood
by battering self- respect.

Oh, how abusive.
An internal holocaust with no dictator to destroy,
for I am weak, too feeble to take control.
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5 Visitor Comments

I dedicate this song to my baby daddy!
thank u for writing this. It was just what I needed to hear at this point in my life. It helped me see clearly. blunt and straight to the point. and I like that. Sometimes, we can't always see our reflections in the mirror till something like this poems hits you in the head and causes u to wake up!
oh how you speak with words from my heart.swallowed by the terror of an insecure part,deep down buried with shame and guilt,jealousy destroying what my hope had built.I cry the tears,and they are all in vain,to the man who claims his love and reaps such pain. I sooooooooo understand
I was touched by the reality of these words. Well said, well said.
This poem has really reached into the depths of my soul. I am glad that I found it, and even more so, that you wrote it.

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