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My youngest daughter has always been a tomboy, never wearing "girlie" clothes or caring if her hair was even brushed. Almost overnight, she turned into a totally "girlie girl" and falling "in love" with a new boy every few days!

What's It Like?

Mama, what's it like to be in love?
Oh, Mama, won't you tell me,
what's it like to me in love?
Is it the way my face gets red
every time he looks at me?
Is this the way that love feels?
Why do I suddenly want to
wear lipstick and perfume?
Do you think he'll notice me?
Mama, help me with my hair.
It has to be perfect today.
Mama, does this make me look fat?
Does this make me look like a kid?
Oh, Mama, why should I care?
Mama, guess what happened!
He talked to me today,
told me I dropped my pencil.
Oh, Mama, isn't that great!
Is this what it's like to be in love?
Oh, Mama, won't you tell me,
is this what it's like to be in love?
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5 Visitor Comments

i am going through the excactly the same way that your child is going through. if i was your childs friend we would be soul mates. tell your child that she has definetely grown up to be a good person. and that makes you a great mum to her.
This is a very good poem.
All my life ive been the tomboy sort of girl you are refering to. Never cared what people thot of me, what i looked liek and whether to act lady like or not. I snapped out of it. I grew up. So did your daughter,,, she simply grew up!
This is the best poem that I have ever read.

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