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My poem was inspired by the school violence we are all subjected to at this time.

Ode To My Killer

Before you shoot, look into my eyes,
Can you see the same fear you feel inside?
You may see me as someone who has it all,
But I have the same fears and hesitations after all.

I know your pain and what is tearing at you,
For I have the same self- conscious feelings too.
So before you shoot look deep and you may realize
You see a lot of yourself in my eyes.

Before you shoot, think and feel what would it be like,
To be on the other end of my strife.
Will taking from me ease your pain?
Or can we deal with this maybe some other way.

Before you shoot come into my heart,
Think of all your tearing apart,
My life is in your hands it’s true,
Do you really want this consequence tearing away at you?

Before you shoot or think that thought,
Tell me of your pain and what you’ve sought.
Maybe you’ll find someone you’ll treasure
You never gave me a chance to show what I have to offer.

I can only ask these things and it’s all up to you,
I have no power, which is what you wanted to do.
So now that you’ve got what you wanted to do,
Please think of these things before you shoot.
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14 Visitor Comments

this poem is really emotional it brings back memories of when my friend was in a situation like this. i just hope the person that tried to shoot him understands what its like. x
i like ur poem
Amazing poem. it gave me the chills.
hey my name is tawnyrose i just have one thing about your poem and its that its a really great poem ii just love what you say and i think that a peron whos going to kill someone sould read this and then theyll know how it feels. wells i just wanted to say and post it on comment hope you like my comment just like how i loved your poem. always tawnyrose.
A wonderful poem, truely it is.
This poem touched me. This is by far the best poem i have read in my life, Please continue your work.
This was a great poem. Keep up the good work!
that was bloody brilliant! excellente. keep up the good work
After reading this poem a tear came to my eye. It really hits close to home. I really enjoyed it and it made me realize that just because we have differences doesn't mean that we aren't all the same deep inside.
This really make you think about things. It really makes you realize about the little things in life and the simularites of us all. After all we are all human beings and we are all living our separate lives but yet we are all simular in one way or another.
nice poem.
This is a good poem.
fuggin excellent poem mate! good one.

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