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This is about being young once, enjoying the long, hot summers, the play grounds of life, then, 25 years later, you look, you search, it's gone. You end up looking at a lost youth through the eyes of the young, with a heavy heart and a tearful dream.

Lost Youth

Bouncy castles, slides and swings,
The park is full of exciting things.
Children laughing, running, at play,
In a carefree world they live in today.

Sun shines on invisible flowers,
Naked from their eyes for hours.
The smell of blossom, sweet to the taste,
Their senses of life, a terrible waste.

To grow up too soon, old before time,
Dream of days gone by play on your mind.
Sitting and wishing that you are they,
The children, laughing, singing, at play.
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4 Visitor Comments

I m a little old but still i m the so called immatured kind of guy. still i love to see white clouds in an azure sky and by thinking them as an imaginary animal. it gives me tremendous pleasure. and i think its better to retain the innocence in life than becoming so called matured guy
yea i see old men,old women wishing to be children again,i am not exclusive,though i am just 21 but i still miss those old good dayz wen i still play in the sound,cooking with grasses,playing and running up ,down town. wow i miss those good days that i pray to go back but TIME will not and never permit. am still trying to control my age now so in ten yrs tym i wont cry in vain. young kids mk sure u do better than what u think. life is beautiful than u can imagine. i like ur poem its natural.
this is a great poem, i also feel like i grew up too soon and didn't enjoy my childhood like i should have. but that was my own fault. i was the one in a hurry to grow up and have kids. now i tell them to take their time and enjoy being young.
So many times I have thought of this very subject, and although I'm only 17 I many times wonder what it will be like 10..20 years from now when I'm no longer young! Any how I thought your poem was great!

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