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I'm still young but I know that I've been through some experiences already that have drastically changed my view on life. I used to be very optimistic and still try to be, but when I look around me at all the pain and suffering in our world, and think about my past . . . the sadness that envelops me is hard to avoid.

Have You Ever

Have you ever felt,
the cold and lifeless hand of an infant,
gazed into their unblinking eyes,
and observed the face of death,
when masked in bittersweet innocence?

Have you ever touched your dreams,
and felt the simplistic joy,
of feeling them become reality,
only to abandon them,
for reasons you cannot explain?

Have you ever watched your family,
who once shared the greatest of loves,
suffer an unforgettable and unforgivable tragedy,
that will slowly, painfully, and inevitably,
tear them all apart?

Do you know, firsthand,
the evil that resides deep within the heart of every man,
every woman, and every child?
Have you seen its face as it randomly seeks,
a soul to torment and destroy?

Do you know the darker side of life,
the one that awakens you,
in the still of the night,
crying to the unknowable God's,
‘Save me from myself. '?

Does your heart constantly question,
whether humanity is obtainable,
in a world corrupted with suffering,
and where war,
is the favoured solution for peace?

If you really want to know me,
and understand the forces that compel me to move on,
then take these questions,
and take this pain,
for this who I am.
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40 Visitor Comments

u did a real good job
This a lovely poem about life These are the questions that one never asks oneself.
wow how amazing. Do you think that poetry is your life?
This poem touched me deeply perhaps because I have had to experience some of the sadness Red had. It is sad that others beside me also have to face life having these pain. May you find peace!
Wow, this poem is really good. Its touching and thoughtful. It can make a person think about what they have and how easily it could be lost, and how they should cherish the time that they have with the ones they love.
hi red!so touching, really an inspiring poem, about my pain im feeling now, awoke my hope in this life's struggles. thanks
i cant say that i know what u mean and why you feel this way. i havent felt the same pain, its neither worse nor better. but its just different. God isn't unknowable. sometimes its hard to see that. ive had my share of family problems and the best i can say is that, u make urself who u r. ur background cannot define u. if u let it, ur letting ur past control u. u have to learn to move on. things like that take time
This. this was not only a poem to me. this was so moving and (sadly) so true. WEvryone says life will get better but how do they know? No-one really does. They just say that to make you feel better. I know one thing for sure. Life. is unreradable, unpredictable, and most of all, usually unhappy. I've probably felt6 like what you described at LEAST once a day. I try to hide it and sometimes I succeed (usually). but when I'm alone, I can't hold it back anymore. I need to let it out, so I close my door and scream, cry, what ever just to make the pain leave for even a moment. Really, I honestly love this poem. You tuly have a talent and I hope that you continue writing because you are so wonderful at it. And I'm sorry if this is too long. i couldn't help it- it just started to pour out. Thank you for creating such beautiful poetry. Your fan, Alone
This poem is very deep and really examines the reality of life in a way that is easy to relate to. very, very good at articulating the problems that plaques us as a society.
Red, I cannot imagine the pain wich has inspired you to write so touching a poem. God bless and may you find peace.
Touching. Makes you step back & take stock!
This gave me goosebumps. I do not know your situation but I can relate to the feelings that compelled you to write this poem. Beautiful, and very deep with feelings. To which I hope your situation has an outcome that is good for all involved.
that poem has a lot to do with the way i feel. u have got talent. quite amazing
This is a heart-touching poem where the poet describes the feelings to be analyzed with more attention to get the utmost sensation. Nice one.
I really like this poem. It's very emotional.
I really loved your poem because I have a dark and horrible past and this Poem comforted me alot it really touched my heart and hope you don't stop writing them
This poem is excellent.
beautiful, heartfelt piece of poetry. It touched me deeply. Thank you Red
this is a good pome i can relate.
Your poem was very well written,keep up the great work.
I loved the poem. It bruoght up emotions in me that I never knew I had.
I know how you feel. But that poem was hot.
A masterpiece,, simply terrific. All can can say is that is "I know you too well, because you feel exactly the way i feel. "
Great Poem!
Beautiful piece of work. You are talented. Life often appears to be nothing more than one long tradegy, But it is also a wonderful gift. Hard when you're low to understand this. But you have the gift of poetry that you are sharing with others. This gift will comort many as we often think we are alone in our thinking. Keep up the great work
I found this poem very moving because I could empathise with what was written and answer yes to it all.
i love this poem. most if it just is as true as my life story!
wonderful that is all i have to say about it.
Your feelings are so raw! I, as do many others, identify with them. Most of us have had such problems -- a child that is killed in adolescence, a baby that dies prematurely. You help so many when you express yourself so eloquently. For what it's worth (and I'm sure not much), I've been where you now are. I'm very old and I will never recover as neither will you. But life just goes on and we go with it. New experiences and we learn to leave the old behind but never to be forgotten. Keep writing it helps you and us.
This is great work. I have alwayz looked at the existence of human beings and didn't see them achieve anything much. eg war used to make peace. The weapons that serve no purpose are a priority when others are dying without food. Really?What purpose we serve here on earth is a question each one of us should ask himself or herself.
Great poem thanks for sharing with us !
i love your poem, it really touch me.
i like ur poem, it just made me realize i'm not the only one feeling thesame way like you do. i lost the 1st baby that had, he was 7 months old. its just hard for me to go through, nice poem. i hope you continue to touch peoples lives. with love and prayers.
This poem touches very deeply to the pain that I feel, and I think many people feel alike. Incredibally said.
i love it! it's really good and well writen
I'm sorry for your loss.
Finally a poem that acually gets you thinking! earth shattering stuff -Thankyou
I am really going through a though time right now. After I read this it gave me a whole new look on life. Red, who ever you are, Thank you.
This really meant a lot. Well written and gets away from the syrupy life will be wonderful someday genre.

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