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In my opinion, Crossroads is something that popped out of my mind when I thought about what life has become - from adolescence to high school, many things have affected WHO I've become.


A crossroad in life,
A time for change;
Of mind, body, and emotions.
Change for you, change for me,
Change for all the things I will be.

At one corner, there stands a child;
This child, nurtured from the world,
finds that there was always something holding it back;
A barrier to life,
a barrier to truth,
a barrier to overcome.

As an eagle struggling to break it's bonds,
the child breaks free and runs, never to return.
He runs from you -
runs to me,
Runs to all the things he wants to be.

To the West, there stands a teen;
A teen, who finds the world distorted,
an altered imaged from what it was
taught to believe in.
Is stranded;
Lost in the twisted morals of the world.

"Everything is different",
"This isn't what they said it was",
"Everything they taught me was wrong! "

The teen longs for acceptance,
for a place of refuge,
for people who'll understand him.
The teen is changing;
Changing from "you",
Changing into "Me",
Changing into all he will become to be.

As the teen searches, it is rejected.
An outcast among other teens,
an outsider among outsiders.
A single, lonely solitary figure;
A figure who can accomplish what others cannot -
to succeed in solitude,
to live his own life;
to escape the faces of the past:
Faces of you,
Faces of Me,
Faces of everyone I hoped to be.


By the time I realized it,
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10 Visitor Comments

very nice but iwould like to know the Authors full name
only death is final
silly goose
How true, it took 60 years for me to succeed.
This was so meaningful. I have gone through so much peer pressure and trying to make new friends from my move across the country. It's a great feeling to know I'm not the only one who deals with these things in life.
This is amazing stuff. soo true and relevant.
This poem demonstrates how we could easily be blinded by society, if we do not see things for ourseleves.
Very insightful and well crafted.
This poem is so true and meaningfull. I LOVE it!
hey just wanted to say that this poem is reaaaally seriously..its sooo true about life an everythin

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