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Special Request Posted 1/24/99 - I am in a relationship with a man who is pretty recently divorced. I want him to know that he can count on me to be there for him, in every way that he may need. I want him to understand that he can trust and love freely, without worry about me leaving.

Thanks, Danalyn

Just Trust

You hold your breath as I leave the room
I see the worry lines in your brow
I’ve caught you watching me as I sleep
Do you think I’ll disappear somehow?

How can I make you understand
I’m me.. not her. .my dear.
I am another sort of woman
you can depend on me, don’t fear.

My love for you is strong,
dependable and true
what will it take to demonstrate
that I’ll always be here for you.

There may be times I must go,
must sometimes leave your side
but I will never leave your heart,
in there my trust will abide.

Darling, I give to you my heart
and fiercely will I ever shout
I love you and hope that I
can heal your wounds of doubt.
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14 Visitor Comments

Great poem, reminds me of my situation.
Well my dear youv'e done it again. WONDERFUL work you are very talented KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Youv'e touched my heart
I love this poems. I am now with a guy who is eight years older and just recenlty got a divorce. He tells me how scared he is. I tell him Im not her and Im not going to hurt him. This poem says it perfectly. GOOD JOB!
I have broken a trust placed upon me by my best friend and lover. This Poem explains exactly how I feel. I was so happy to find something that could express my feelings in ways that I could not.
Hi well i was thinking of the man i love who is going through the same thing. Sometimes its hard to get them to open up there hearts again, cause it is weighed down with so much hurt. But with this poem i hope and pray that i have reached his heart and by letting him know that i believe in commitment and that i will love him untill the end of time.
i sent this poem to a girl i love deeply and she still loved her old boyfriend and we had an on going thing between us . well i told her i was going to the ARMY she did not agreee with it she would use her old boyfriend in the arguments and i gave her this poem to read and the afects were ters streming down her face and i was at a loss for words so i say in much thanks . thank you.
Awesome. Good job Sharon.
suman (mrs.)
simple words expressed the todays' position where trust and love are becoming rarest
this poem helped my new girlfriend understand that i was NEW now her old boyfriends. thank you.
the poem moved me. I'm still waiting for my divorce papers and theres a lot of fears and uncertainty about future relationships. I wish i can find the same guy who speaks in this poem eventually.
I loved this poem! My fiance is going through a trust isssue with me. I am so glad someone could write about trust. Thank you
This poem trully moved me for it actually reflects the relationship i am currently in. My girlfreind Sharon recently got over a nasty divorce and is dealing with some serious trust issues. it's really puting a strain on our relationship but i trully love her and wish to see her through this difficult time. I don't intend to give up on her. Thanks for the wonderful poem its trully inspriational.
that is true. my fiance is the same way. he was is also divorced with 2 kids and sometimes i think he is thinking of her
A very touching poem. It's excellent. Keep the good job and you'll inspire more people to love and to trust.

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