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I have often heard love is a fallacy. I have often quoted that line myself. In pondering my fallen marriage I've come to the conclusion that "love" isn't the fallacy. It's our misguided perceptions of what love will bring us that are fallacies.

As love compelled me to hang on with all my might to a foredoomed relationship, I realized I was literally standing guard on needles and pins. I was oblivious to the ledge I was about to plunge over. I thought my love merited love in return. I thought my love, alone, was capable of bringing happiness. I thought love, alone, was enough. I was wrong.

After losing all I ever loved I know the love is real because I still feel it. But only in letting go of the fallacy of what love "should be", only in the death of my dreams, have I found hope for tomorrow.

The Fallacy

I stand the watch, needles and pins.
Plead penance for my gothic sins.
Oblivious, I pace the ledge.
With wings of steel, I give my pledge.
To fly or fall, you call my bluff.
I offer all, it's not enough.
The banner raised, I stand in shame-
To heedless cause and renounced name.

I stare in rancid retrospect,
Void of emotion whims reflect.
Tipping the cup, sipping sadness,
Dripping melancholy madness.
I spread my wings for far-flung skies.
The angel sings, I close my eyes.
A weighted soul sprung from the slope-
In dying dream gives birth to hope.

The vision caught within my mind,
The afterthought of loving blind.
For all that rehearsed majesty-
Now only gleams of travesty.
As I've felt your hunger, your fire.
Ached in your pain, passion, desire.
But stained, (Dust on your silk white glove),
I've felt your touch, but not your love.
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6 Visitor Comments

appreciate it. i m do. my google and find the poem. true feel. streams in the poem and difuses the fragrance of heart.
you rock my socks
This is the first poem that I have read of Mr. Michael Anderson's, yet it is one of the best poems I have ever read. Being a poet myself he has inspired me even more to write. I very much enjoyed his choice of words. Words that people do not commonly think of. He did a great job on this poem.
I have Read only a few of Michael Anderson's poems and yet this is the best.
this poem overcame me with emoion so powerfully, i actually cried. not only because it reminded me of my current situation, but that i feel comforted that i am not alone.
This is the first poem I read by michael anderson. Since then his have remained my favorites to send to friends or simply reread for myself. I enjoy this poem and the idea it expresses.

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