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This is about a man who is preparing a special evening for the woman he loves. With a special question in mind. And he wonders, "Will She Come?"

Will She Come?

all evening he waited
anxiously eyeing the clock
retracing his steps
over and over
counting the minutes
until her arrival

kneeling before a crackling fire
adding another log
he rose to check again
his preparations for tonight

the thick sheepskin rug
lay lovingly spread before the flames
waiting for her

the book
the one she longed after
in that tiny shop downtown
rested on the warm stone hearth
waiting for her

the wine
that special bottle
from a few years ago
late fall harvest
sat open
and sweet
waiting for her

the glasses
his best crystal
sat sparkling in the firelight
waiting for her

his hand
stopped a moment
over his heart
and lovingly fingered
the prize there
hidden away in his pocket
where it lay
waiting for her

taking the ring
from its secret place
he gazed at it
mesmerized by its shine
by what it stood for
soon he smiled and
softly slipped it back
to its repose
where it lay
waiting for her

seating himself back on the chair
he resumed his vigil
over the fire
over the wine
over the clock
over himself

and he sat
quiet and lost in thought
waiting for her
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28 Visitor Comments

i loved this poem. it is so pretty. but i have to ask. did the girl ever come?
So beautiful, brought me to tears. A beautiful poem of longing and waiting for her.
silly goose
I find the poem mesmerizing- an ode to patience!
Meh Klinda
dis poem is actually sad. i also feel bad 4 him tew. gosh oh my. dats juz sad man its very good doe well dats all
well written. It even had me waiting in anticipation. *Two thumbs up*
Nicely put.
your poem was tight to death i wish that i could right that good that was really great you should b proud of yourself wat was interesting was that u neva know wat happens at da end wetha she come 2 where eva yall at or wetha she didnt it was real interesting! I SA KEEP ON DOIN YOUR THANG!
I really liked the poem and it got to me.
what a nice & good poem .
I found myself rooting for him. Thinking, call her! she could've gotten hung up. Like in An Affair to remember. Very engaging poem. no pun intended :)
This is a very warm & touching poem
wow. that poem is like to mah frend. she waited and longing for him to return to her, but at the end, she recieved nuthing in return. but. its jus how life goes and its no ones fault.
Lisa fleur
What a beautiful poem, I almost felt sorry for him.
What a beautiful poem. I found it very interesting and impressive that you captured the male perspective when my impression of you is that you are female. Wonderful job.
oh my god,it is a tight poem this happen to my boyfrien when he will wait for me. and now that i realize how much i make him wait for me i finally arrive and i was scare cause i thought he wouldn't be there when i arrive . but he was waiting for me and now were all in love and have 2 kids together .
wat more can i say as to how much i liked this poem except tha it brought tears to my eyes congrates for such n amazin effort
it was great to read
It is totally amazing how when You are feeling lonely and "waiting" for that special "one" to show how touched I was by Your poem. I know many feel this as I have.I felt it was wrote for Me as I sit here day after day counting down the days til "she" comes to Me from "engalnd"..I really loved Your Poem and sent it to Her. Thank You and keep writing.;)
Your poem was fantastic! It reminds me of what I am currently going through. Always waiting, everything for her. It was beautiful. And I love how you never say if she did or did not come, the poem can go either way, and that is up to the reader! Again, I say Bravo!
Wow! What a beautiful poem! Very well done!
I couldn't believe how much this poem described my waiting for the true love of my life. I am in the Army and she is not with me. Every night I lay there waiting for her. This poem fully expresses the longing felt and is truly a work of art! Thank You for sharing it with us.
This poem reminded me that men have emotions and doubts, too. It is so easy to forget that. I liked that it ended not knowing if "she" came. That wasn't the point. What mattered was the preparation and the building excitment, albiet nervousness, for the special night. It left me hoping for him. and hoping that someday I am "she." Beautiful work.
Did she come? I liked this poem very much and understood that this night was special, but to not know the outcome let me down.
I thought this was a beautiful poem. Keep writting.
I really like your poem. When you put your feelings on paper, it's remarkable about how others could be feeling the same. I printed your poem. I hope you don't mind.
I was waiting, hoping she would show. But in the end, it didn't say so. I choose to believe she did. It is a beautiful poem.
I think this poem has to do with a hope within loneliness. It's very expressive and it's one of the most touching poems I've ever read. Thanks for sharing it.

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