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This was written at the end of a four-year college relationship as we both went our seperate ways. He was my first love and this was a very difficult situation. I never knew what to say to him so I wrote this, although I never gave it to him.

I Found Love

As hard as it was for me to do
I found love.

As hard as I fought to avoit it
I found love.

I pushed it away and it came back,
It pushed me away and I followed;
It broke my heart and mended it again
And so I gave into it.

It took four years,
But I found love
It took trials and tribulations,
But I found love.

It's not extravagant gifts,
Or trips around the world;

It's not jealousy,
Or Spite.

But it is . . .
Watching the sun rise together,
Taking care of one another when we're sick,
Realizing how beautiful your lover is and letting her know,
Giving yourself to each other for the first time,
Flying across states just to be there for each other's birthday,
Writing letters and poems expressing our deepest feelings,
Talking on the phone until three in the morning,
Always knowing that no matter what happens, whereever we are, we're always
be there for each other;
It's a friend as well as a lover.

I don't know how I did it,
But I found love.

I don't know when it happened,
But I found love.

And now that I've found it,
I don't want to let it go.

But there comes a time
When we must move on,
And if it is destined to be found again,
It will happen.

So as we move our separate ways,
I want to leave a piece of me,
No, a piece of us with you;

For it is in you that I found love for the first time
And so it is with you that I leave our memory.
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8 Visitor Comments

This a fastastic poem. I hope that La Tiefa you find a love which is deserving of you!
This was a great poem I mean it's like i felt the same thing once in my life!
ender s.
I love this poem
It touched me very much, its like the day i found love and after the 2 years i had lost it. she is a great poet 4 lyfe!
i vary much liked your poem an also wondered about your name, The Alstons are my family an wondered if we could chat
I also have found love, and was speechless, but this poem says everything That is inside of me each time I am near my simeon. I love this poem.
I thought this poem was absolutly beautiful and hit home......keep it up...........:)

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