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"I love you" may be the most misunderstood phrase in the world, but it is one of the most powerful. To me, saying "I love you" is like giving someone a gift box, which is full of joy. However, some people are uncomfortable with those words.

This poem was an attempt to relay my feelings in other words to a Doubting Thomas who questioned what I meant when I said, "I love you".

Let Me Not Say I Love You

Let me not say I love you,
Although you know that it is true.
That phrase has been so much abused,
Misunderstood and over-used.

Let me say rather "I think you,
Breathe you, taste you, feel you, dream you,"
That you help make each day complete,
And life has never been so sweet.
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8 Visitor Comments

This poem meant so much to me when my boyfriend sent it to me. It explained how we feel towards each other a lot better then just saying "I Love You". It means so much more. Thank You for a great poem.
I think your way of explaining the expression of 'I love you' is brilliant. How many times we would like to tell someone of our love for them without sounding common. The senses say it all! Thank you for your poem.
This poem is just so true. It says what the title says. so many times i have tried to think of a way of letting my husband know how much i love him (after a few years 'I Love You' becomes a bit monotonous)without having to say those 3 words.
Yes your poem was so very true. Many of times people seem to mis-use the word i love u cause there not sure there self they know what it means. So it does seem better to say an alternatinve word until your sure your ready to use it and mean it correstly!
yes, your poem is so true, i agree with you.
this poem is true. alot of people say i love you and dont mean it.
I love your poem!!! Its totally how im feeling..
I liked the poem nice way of saying something other than I love you yet still saying I love you

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