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I am a humble beginner when it comes to poetry, but this poem is very special to me because of who it is about. We've been through a lot, and have a lot yet to go through. . . and one of the biggest things that ties us together, is our total acceptance of one another. Love you Cookie Monster...

You And I

You loath coffee, and make faces as
I simply smile and add another creamer and some sugar to mine.

One of my favorite places to relax is the beach.

"I hate sand" you say, "It irritates me, but I’ll go for you."

That’s Ok, because we both love Boston,
And we listen to the same music.

His height is a bit above average,
While mine is a bit below.

He says my smallness makes me perfect,
And I feel protected in his large arms.
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2 Visitor Comments

beautiful writing style. i don't think poems should have to rhyme.
Good points: No Cliches. Interesting point of view. No Rhyming (Thank god).

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