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This poem is sad in a way, because the reader is wishing and hoping for the day when she will have her man, forever, yet when the day finally comes, she says no...

Unexpected No

There are times, I just have to say
"I wish the world would go away.
And leave my love and his heart
Together with mine, never to part."

We sit alone, underneath the star-filled sky
I look at him and see a flame in his eye
He leans forward and kisses me
I feel his love, now set me free.

We end the kiss, he takes my hand
He slips on a ring, a wedding band
He is down on one knee, and gazes into my eyes
He says "I'd give anything, for you to be my bride."

He looks so sincere, I have to cry
He looks up at me and asks me, "Why?"
I look down at him, but he turns away
I wish he would say something, ask me to stay.

As I slowly turn and walk back towards the car,
I glance back at him and see him point to a star.
"See that star? I wished on that star. To bring you here, to make you
I look up at the star, I remember back to when I wished for this time

To be alone with my love, to feel nothing but free
Now I am with my love, he is down on one knee.
He asked me to love him, to have and to hold,
But yet, I say no by walking away in the cold.
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3 Visitor Comments

great poem! it almost brought tears to my eyes! i could actually feel the pain and disappointment the characters potrayed!
I could feel what the lady was feeling when she write this poem.
This poem has the ring of truth.

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