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In many relationships, one may wonder why he or she was chosen over everyone else. This is a perfect way of telling your special other why you chose them and how they appeal to you - and just saying straight out, "You're special"

My Flower

I used to walk among the flowers
In the June and April showers
As I gazed at the vast selection
I was pointed in your direction

There were roses, buttercups,
Forget-me-nots, and Johnny jump-ups
The morning glories and carnations
Added to this floral sensation

But as I saw them all around me,
Only one could astound me
One I had not seen before
Caught my sight and interest more

This flower had a brilliant smell
It's fragrance I thought I knew so well
The aroma; Oh so incredibly sweet
Filled my body with a pleasurable heat

It's beauty I could not explain
It made the others look so plain
It's petals made as soft as silk
It's color, creamy, white as milk

Not a single petal torn
It's stalk was slender and bore no thorns
Unlike the others who, in some way,
Rudely warned me to keep away

Although this flower seemed too good
For me to pick, I thought I should
But as I went to set it free,
You reached out and you picked me

Now we both had picked each other
And I am glad I picked no other
I may have looked at all the rest
But above all You're The Best!
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5 Visitor Comments

I really loved that poem and it sounds like me. When I rad it I wanted to cry. This is the poem of me and my first love that is still with me to this day. This poem is now hanging on the wall in my bedroom
This is so good I wish i could write down my feelings as abstractly and beautifully as you did
I think that this is a beautiful poem, I think that it took time and effort and wasn't just written in 2 seconds!! I feel that Sidney really feels like this! She means what she wrote and I love poems that mean what they say!! She spent time on this and I think that it deserves to win!!!! It is a beautiful poem!!!!! Great Job Sidney!!!!!!!!
Thats very good.
Katie is a dear friend to me,and she has shown me some of her work before.She is remarkable at rhyming poems as well as issues on love and life.She idolizes Jewel and loves writing lyrics as well as poems. I think this poem was a great choice to publish on the web..

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