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Sometimes in our lives, things change on the outside due to circumstances or just the way life is. When this happens, the heart still loves and the dream still lives on

Nothing's Changed

Nothing's really changed, my love
You are still here in my heart;
I will always love you
Even though we are apart.

I don't feel quite as hopeless
Now that I have seen your face;
For I know I live in your heart;
And I cannot be erased.

I know I must stay where I am
And you must do the same;
But you will always be my sweetheart
That will never change.
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10 Visitor Comments

this was a lovely poem just like Lisa said it remineds me of my boyfriend but he is in hte Air Force (Nick) that i love very much we have bean together a long time and we are makeing everything go worth wild.
this was a really cute poem this express da way i feel. u know its crazy because i always tried to find a poem like dat and finally i found it. this poem is all true . my babe lives an hour away and i live in another town.
marci rose
wow so true so true. the feeling you have when youre in two different countries. you cant be with eachother. yet you already are. i love this because im in japan. and my lover in america. thank you
I like it
This was a great peom. Every word made me recap events that are current in my life.
I absolutely LOVE this poem! My boyfriend is a Marine & he has just come home from a 9 month tour in Japan. I was just with him in Camp Lejeune, NC for the weekend & have now returned to Georgia. This poem is exactly how my heart feels, i will deffinately send it to him, letting him know how much I relate to it! Thanks!
I loved your poem! It reminds me of the way I feel about someone
i can't believe how true this poem really is. It describes my feelings for my ex girlfriend betterthan anything else i've ever seen or even thought of.
I love this poem. it sounds just like how me and my boyfriend are right now. He is in the marines in california andi an in washington state.

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