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Waiting for a phone call from your lover can be an experience in itself.

The Phone

The phone rings
My heart jumps
My hand trembles
I get Goosebumps
I feel the electricity
Of our last touch
My head is dizzy
I want you so much
My body tenses
As I hear your voice
Loving you
Was my choice
The words you say
Make my heart melt
Completely loved
Is how I felt
How I long to be
In your arms again
I ache for you
Until then
I love you, Baby
With all my heart
I am so ready for
Our forever to start
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10 Visitor Comments

hello it's very nice my boyfrend like tha poem
i loved this poem! i am doing a poetry project for skool and i came across this poem and when i read it i just felt like it was really true because i just got outa a relationship a few months ago with this guy i was really loved alot and we are still good friends and we talk on the phone and stuff and that is how i feel when he calls me and now i want him back! but i know that we will get back together at some point. just duno when!
this is a very good poem
your poem iz like so true in my point of view
Hey! I love the poem!!! Cuz i can relate exactly to it cuz everytime my boy calls me or his #'s on my caller ID my heart races lol! This poem is really good! Thanx
This is exactly how i felt when i first started dating my boyfriend. We were old class-mates in high school and each went our own ways. We ended up talking on the phone and this takes me back to then.
I loved it. This poem is soooo true!!
This poem is soooo true. Dont men know how much we look forward to their phone call. Thanks for the poems.
that was such an awesome poem!
This is a perfect poem, I'm in a long distance relationship, a year and 8 months now, and i still get excited when he calls me! I'm moving to be with him in a month but until then, thanks for the poem! :)

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