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It's about being married but being in love with another man

Living A Lie

I'm laying next to him and all I can think about is you.
This isn't the way I'm supposed to feel.
He is the man I married
He is to whom I said "I do"

If what I feel is supposed to be so wrong
How come it feels so right.
You are the one I want to be with
You are the one I dream of in the night.

When he touches my skin
I want to pull away.
When he goes to kiss my lips
I turn my head and try to think of something to say.

Can he see it in my eyes?
Can he hear the truth behind my lies?
When he asks me if there's someone else on my mind
I have to answer "no."

I know it's not the truth and the desire I have for you just continues to grow.
I really don't know if you and I will ever be able to be together
But the memories of the way you make me feel,
I will treasure forever and ever.
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26 Visitor Comments

incredible! i sm going through this right now and i am so in love with a beautiful person and i dont know what to do! yes the memories i will never forget! THIS REALLY HIT HOME
I love it. It expresses the exact things that I feel.
This poem touched me. I am going thru this exact thing right now. Its a great expression of how I feel.
This poem is really good. anyone will love it!
situtation reversed in my case, i am in love with another woman but stay where i am because of a feeling of guilt, but the poem said it all, my feelings, emotions and also my frustration.
I feel the exact same way.
I went through the same. Being with someone and loving someone else. Reading the poem felt like listening to myself.
I found this poem because I googled the phrase "living a lie". This poem made me think about the problems that we experience in our present day culture because of the decision made by a Roman Emperor to impose "enforced monogamy" upon the Christian Church (and consequently the whole western world) when he took over the Christian church around 300 A. D. and turned it into the ROMAN (catholic) CHURCH. I am starting to wonder if the "enforced monogamy" is the lie that some people are living. It sounds like the woman of this poem might benefit from "polyandry" which is a woman with two husbands. Is it realistic to think that one person can fulfill our needs? Is it realistic to think that we will only ever be attracted to and love one person? Perhaps as a society we are all collectively living a lie by believing in the fairy tale "Cinderella" story of one man and one woman getting married and living happily ever after.
I know how she feels. I have been married for 6 years 1year after I was married I met a man that I now Know I love with all my heart he is also married and I know he feels the same but because of the fact we both have familys and did not want to hurt them we hide our feelings for each other I moved 4hrs away from him just so we would not hurt our familys 4years ago and we still talk to each other 3to4 times a week and see each other when we can and we both hope that one we will be together. p. s I do love my husband he is a good man but we are not the same people. girls make sure you marry the right man the 1st time. I love the poem.
I feel the same way. However, the man I am in love with is single and wants to be with me. We have had a 20 year relationship. What do I do?
I must say, I know exactly how you feel or felt when writing this poem. I am going through the same thing right now myself.
I think it was great
this is lovely and straight from the heart it meant a lot to me coz im in the same situation.
I relate to this poem even though ur in a committed relationship u can fall in love with someone else,but its so hard just to let go.
Good poem, is it, my wife is secretly going out other men, I am hurt, I feel so painful, I am doing everything a man should do to make his woman happy, to provide for his family, for our future, every single things I could think of, I do them. Why? Why? Why? Why?
Genuinely soulful, this brought a lump to my throat. Would be interested in receiving other poems from you. I feel at ease with my situation now I know others have been through the same. I just wish I had the self-respect and heartlessness to turn the life situation around so that it is what I want. Im sure we have all been there.
I loved this poem! I am going through the same thing right now. Just wish i could find more poems out there on this subject. I am married and am deeply in love with another.
I am the reality of your poem. Its good to know that I'm not alone. Keep up the good work!
this situation happens more than people may believe. i know from experience. I think more people should write poems on this same subject
This poem brought tears to my eyes because I am living it. I am in love with another man while married to someone else and he is also married. I guess that it gives me some measure of comfort to know that I am not the only one who is going through this or who has gone through this.
your poem hit home really hard for me,for i am in this very same situation at this moment,very beautiful
You just wrote everything I couldn't find word for..this is a great poem that touched my heart and made me cry. Don't ever start writting!
It's the most perfect poem....
This hits my life so perfect.
though i am only 17 yrs old and not married... im sorta feeling the same way with my boyfriend
Cindi, This poem touched me in such a profound way. I can relate to this on a firsthand basis because I love another man, and it's not my husband. Keep writing, and touching others' lives.

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