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The lesson I've learned in life is to live for today and make no promises for tomorrow.

Smile For Me

Smile for me, for when you do,
a light shines from deep inside of you.

You're terrific, you're wonderful, you're a very good friend.
A blessing I was given the day we met.
Time spent with you makes my heart sing.
I love your touch, your body melded to mine, as you whisper my name.

Life has taken me down very rough roads.
Lessons learned have been all too well taught.
Count on nothing beyond today.
In life there are no guarantees for tomorrow.

Life has taught me to keep my heart hidden
Buried deep inside, protected well, from life's pain.
No commitments, no contracts, no promises broken.

Come play with me for as long as you'll stay.
Today we are together. I am happy we are.
Should the sunrise tomorrow find you here,
it's another today with no promises to be broken.
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5 Visitor Comments

Great. Find my self reading about how I feel. Very good
From a lay man's perspective the poem has the truth of experience and a depth of feeling. That is poetry to me. But if it had dimension and texture and was made of clay, it would be pottery to me.
I have no idea how old the author is but I get the impression she is rather young. regardless of age she has a jaded soul and I responded to that. I am in my early forties but with a poets heart i hope I understand what she is saying.
I am in the same situation. Great poem!
This poem brought tears to my eyes because it describes my relationship perfectly. I've been with someone for two years and we've never established a commitment but we love eachother and we never take eachother for granted. Everyday with him is a surprise and I breathe a small sigh of relief after each day goes by because he's still with me.

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