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Being so touched by another human being can be overwhelming to some degree Things you only dream about. Finding your reflection .. your soul mate.

From the very first meeting, opening a window to something so spectacular it takes your breath away, you stand only in the stolen moments. For reality has taken and made the moments shared together, rare. Feeling your heart beating so fast, as they appear, everything around you, becomes just you and him ..The most wonderful thing. A rarity in itself. The combination of two souls and hearts meant to be.

Within My Soul

You came from my dreams,
Filling my heart.
Walking beside me,
Holding me close
The gentleness you bestowed upon me
The closeness we share
Leaves me in awe of you.

So many truths of dreams and desires
Held so tight.
Hidden just below the surface
A heart no longer silent
The need to share the reality
Of such purity of essence

You see me as I am
I wear no mask before you
Standing vulnerable, shy, soft, and loving
No pretending, it is very real
You're not my imagination,
But what was missing from my soul

A piece of cloth,
Woven so close.
Threads intertwined
Each touched by the other.
Held tight, each making the other strong
With every thread, it becomes more complete
One in the same, each enhancing the other

Do we stand and question
The purity of this moment
Together in sight of a common goal
Or merely brushing it aside, and settling
With a mere existence

Will we have the courage
To open our hearts,
Letting our souls reach out,
Sharing completely

Knowing this could be ... that last chance
Could we just walk away ?
Or reach for all the dreams to come true.
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21 Visitor Comments

absolutely beautiful
This was very touching. I'm getting ready to go off to college and leave my boyfriend, and have been trying my hardest to express my feelings. My poems work, but this just emphasizes it.
Tina this line especially..."standing vulnerable, shy, soft, and loving", its so honest :)
What a great captured the essence of what is in my heart...
If the rest of you only knew how tallanted this woman really is. This poem is only the tip of the iceburg! And I'm lucky enough to have her.
Way to go ....You GO GIRL!!!!!!!
I love this poem. Everytime I read it it means more and more to me. She is such a talented lady and I am glad she is getting the recognition she so truly deserves.
Way to go Christie....Your poems just keep getting better and better Love and Light and Blessed Be Jenny
It was a lovely poem, I am glad my friends told me to come and see was GREAT!!!
This is a very moving and touching poem. The poet has a lot of talent and I hope to see many more poems from this very talented lady.
A #1 in my book
I've been married for nine years an I feel like the poem says, like my soul is link to that of my husband. This poem has the real feelings in mind.
Great Poem Cristie, You capture the dream or the hopes of many, wishing for the experience.
Loved this poem, thought she was talking to me!
Great Work!!!!
Your poem was beautiful Christie. I really liked it. Congratualations!
Christies Writings are truelly Beautiful.Truelly inspiring to the heart.
Good Stuff!
Way to go Christie. Very deep. More, more, more........
This is a wondeful, touching poem. It bares the soul. A wonderful piece of work. I am sure this author is headed for bigger things. I will have to keep an eye out for more of this poet's work. A masterpiece.

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