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A soulmate is so rare to find, that the wonder of actually finding yours can leave you breathless at the joy and wonder of your love - love that gives so much meaning to life.


I wade through a life
with no meaning,

with no desire
or aspiration,

every day redundant
of the one past.

One day the sun breaks through the cloud
that is my life,

and fills my days with
a blinding light.


And everything becomes
precious and sacred,

you become my passion,
my frenzy,

my fantasy,
my ecstasy.

You are my every moment,
my every breath.

My soulmate.
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9 Visitor Comments

Beautiful. Only when you've found your soulmate will you know, and it only takes a glance.
this has got to be one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read, it captures everything that a soulmate is, i love it and think that everyone will if they read it.
This poem really touched me. it expressed all the feelings I have for my soulmate. thank you!
I had to read this poem over and over again. I do believe it proves the old saying that one word can have a thousand emotions. Bravo Jayzee! I hope to see more poems from you.
thats just it. You took my life, my feelings and put them to words. Thank you. I have met my soulmate and its the most unexplainable, incrediable,magical,mystical feeling in the intire universe. I love him with my heart and my soul. thank you for the poem.
Your poem was great! I really liked it! You should really keep up the good work!
i loved this touched my past has been dark and unbreakable..yet with my soulmate i've found rest and peace and unselfish love..i only hope that i find ways like this to show my heart to her
I wish this Poem could happen to me Soulmate is a great poem about two person in love Wish that Grace would me my soulmate
Simply beautiful..touches the heart and soul.

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