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This poem is about a love that erupted on a vacation trip, and when we finally had to leave to live our lives once again, we made it a point to be in each other's lives once again. After a month of memories, my man came to see me and held me like nothing ever before.

Memory Loving

Lapping water sliding gently off the shore,
Sand being pulled back to reveal
Such sweet surprises of shells.
The sun sinking into the pores
of my skin, making my body glisten with warmth.
Sunglasses hiding my eyes from passing vendors,
watching curious people looking back at me.
A sway of a passing body catches my attention
Head cocked, quizzical look upon my face -
So familiar, but so distant.
How long has it been?
Those eyes are a part of my dreams.
Are they really in front of me again?
Awakening from my glorious dream
From the sound of someone entering my lair.
Hello? Could it be?
Could the man from my memories be visiting
Me once again?
Those hands of strength and such tenderness
Enclose me into a long awaited embrace.
Breathing in, never wanting to forget this moment.
Pulling back, those eyes. That smile.
My dream was of a past encounter,
But the face in front of me is not in the past any longer.
Touching the brow with my fingers hesitantly,
Almost afraid for it to vanish.
Flesh upon flesh. Oh God, it's real.
A shiver passes through my body from the memories.
My stomach becomes a field of butterflies.
Lips meet lips in a feverish kiss,
The taste utterly familiar.
Closing my eyes once again, wishing for this dream never to end.
Those hands pull me closer, those eyes
Devouring my body with passion once again.
Lips kissing my neck as I fall into bliss.
Never let me awaken.
Such warmth pouring into my pores,
Wonderful smells from the past.
The lights once again turn off,
Only this time for a pleasant nights rest
Encumbered in an embrace of more than sheets and memories.
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