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This is a poem about the feelings this name produced in me. It is ultimately about love at first sight. I count myself among the luckiest men in the world for having experienced this wonderful, indescribable feeling twice in my life - and even luckier for having the opportunity to have known both women.


The name, Your name, invokes the mysterious.
The name, Your name, reaches my essence,
The true, living spirit in me.
I can become lost in its sonorous tone, a tone
Which makes me ponder and reflect
About you and what I have found.
It is beginning to call for me,
To call me from Afar, a feeling so perfect
I feel its summon as I speak, hear or think
Your name, Meriah.
I feel it again, as I have only once before,
At least only as I have truly felt it in my soul,
But now, I have It controlled. I am Master, but
Only for a short time; then I will be overwhelmed.
You dissipate my prolonged sadness.
Your name, the deep beauty in it, and
Your lovely pretty face all make me
Feel happy, enlivened, joyous and delighted.
What's in a name? All of this is embedded in yours.
Your pure, ice-blue eyes add more power to you.
I become lost in them, not mysteriously lost as if
I were in the dark, but rather the feeling
Of being lost in a sunset.
Your soft, flowing brown hair highlights the
Creamy skin that accentuates your beauty.
You, Meriah, are beautiful, just as is your name.
I feel It within me, invoked as your
Spell is unconsciously cast.
Love is upon me as Meriah is spoken, as you are envisioned.
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