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Her name was Jen. We had a deep, passionate love for each other. Endless nights did we spend love-making. Every encounter more heated, more passionate, more vibrating with life, more real, more true. But there was a catch. Our love affair was long distance - Montreal to Toronto. We kept our love alive by visiting each every weekend we had off. And when I’d leave her she’d always cry (as if I was her sea, her sun, her sky). Our partings were full of "I don’t want you's": I don’t want you to leave; I don’t want you to miss me too much; I don’t want you to find someone else - we can make it work; I don’t want you to stop calling; I don’t want you to stop coming to visit even though it hurts so much when you’re away). So one day after visiting her I combined all the I don’t want you phrases with the endless love I had in my heart for her and wrote this poem.

I Don't Want You

I don’t want you
To love me forever,
Just for the rest of my life

I don’t want you
To tell me never
When I ask you to be my wife.

I don’t want you
To miss me too much
But you can kiss me until I catch fire.

I don’t want you
To do anything
Unless it’s what you truly desire.

I don’t want you
To be a dream in my life,
A ghost or a non-entity.

I don’t want you
To be anything at all
But right here next to me.
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14 Visitor Comments

I dont like this poem. I love it!
That is really cute makes me hope things worked out for them
This poem was great. Loved it. I know my girlfriend will love it too.
super real
aww, dats tight!
12/10 (two extra points 'cos thats how much I liked it!)
i think that poem was so sweet/ keep writing poems like that\ it touched me. :)
What a wonderful poem. You did a great job descirbing the feelings one experinces in a long distance relationship. It made me cry just thinking about me and my boyfriend, who lives away from me, and how much I miss him.
Thank you. Finally what I've been feeling is in words. I know she will love it.
Loved it! I sent this to my wife and it made her cry with happiness....
Hey I liked this heaps. Not what you expect to read when the title it "I don't want you" very cunning.
This poems just sounds nice and warm and true. I just wanted to tell the person who wrote it you have a warm heart.
it's so touchable than'x

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