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Love can make time stand still or project us to a level that is unexplainable. It's only when you take a look back at all that you learned that you realize that you seemed to be sitting in the middle of a dream, finding yourself in the lead role. "Bad Dreams and Truth" seeks out a girl or strives to distinguish between dreams, truth, and love.

Bad Dreams And Truth

What do you know about me
I'm an empty image, an appearance
You gaze as I stroll by, but can't speak
I often see your face so bleak
Every time I look up you don't escape
What I remember years ago.

You spoke and I fell to you feet
You moved and I held your hand
You ran and I beat you to my heart
Stars falling like is in the sand

I had you there inside my car
Talking was distant, seemed so far
I knew that something was so wrong
All playing on that sad song

They were deeper than Shakespeare's sonnets
They said more than Romeo to Juliet
Squinting said I Love You but with no words
As much as I try I can't forget
I look up, you can't escape
What your eyes really say

Years were wasted, yes I know
People leave and people grow
Like old magic tricks and stormy nights
You chase me into raging frights
The gaze you gave before heartache

Like a roller coaster in slow motion
You hit me with a dizzy spell, a filling potion
Your touch made me high, floating away
Trying to walk but could only sway

Red madness pouring to the ground
Is that how blood is supposed to sound
Heart racing so fast my soul on the floor
Leaving so quickly it begins to roar
I look up you don't escape
How it felt my soul you take

Waking in disoriented madness
Rolling in delusional sadness
Scanning for your familiar face
White walls, a well known embrace

A nightmare beyond compare
Dream this, dream this, if you dare
Familiar words, "I live for you"
Hearing your voice, it seemed so true.
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Words cannot express my gratitude for this webside is my remedy of my broken heart it gave me a glimpse of of the thing I WANT TO SAY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE THROUGH POEMS I GET PEACE. ADA
i really liked your poem, the style and flow was awesome and it was altogether beautiful!

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