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My wife asked me one morning why I had went for such a long walk so early. And I realized why. There were signs of her everywhere. And we had a argument the night before. That's the reason - I wanted to see if I could forget things about her.

Trying To Forget

I went for a walk this morning
While you were still asleep
I walked to free my mind
From the smell of your perfume and
Your little decorations throughout the house
I walked, and tried to tell myself that I
Could not love you if I could only
Walk far enough to forget you.

When I reached the gate by the road
I was reminded of you because of the flowers
You had painted on the gate
I walked through the field across the road
Again you were present, the little evergreen
You planted when we moved into the house
It was a mature tree now.
I walked on and stopped by the stream
Again, your name carved in the rock when
We laid by the water and fell asleep

I walked on up the side of the hill, past the stream.
When I reached the top of the hill
I wanted to turn and look at our house
But I continued, over
More than a mile now, and I have come to
Realize that you will always be there
Where ever I go
I turn and reached the top again
And there you are on the porch waving at me
I could never walk far enough to stop thinking
Of you

I just wanted you to know why I went for a walk.
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6 Visitor Comments

Excellent poem. can cover all areas in life, either good or bad.
I've read alot of really good poems, but this week yours would have to be my favorite very touching and it's really good don't give up keep on going thanks
This poem really touched me and made me think about love. It also made me feel envious towards the man because he had such a powerful love with his wife.
i love this poem it reminds me of soemthing similiar to my relationship with my boyfriend
your poem is very tuching

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