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The poem talks about wanting to trust. Trust someone you have compassion for. However, still wanting to hold back. In the end figuring out that you have to trust yourself more than anyone else. Only you can hold yourself back from living and loving.


I softly fall into his arms.
My dependent self wanting to depend on him.
My independent self wanting to pull away.
His body so warm.
My heaven or hell?
Should I let go, should I fall and expect him to catch me?
Fall and hit hard?
Float on a cloud?
I shouldn't rationalize.
I shouldn't analyze every little move, but I do.
His soft lips of pink.
Hair the color of pure black softness.
His eyes as blue and crystal as the sea.
Soft hands of love, warmth, and compassion.
I can not fall, without knowing I will not hit the ground.
Do you have to fall before you can float upon a cloud?
Maybe I can't let go of what's holding me up.
The dependent side wants to say no.
The independent side says take a chance.
Falling . . . I will catch myself.
That much I need.
Then I am no longer dependent.
Individual thoughts can be only me.

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10 Visitor Comments

this poem touched my hear.
Hello, I just Wanted to say this poem is great. It has so much meaning to it. Your a wonderful writter. Amanda
I really connected with your poem. I have met someone after 1 and a half year of being alone. and learning to live alone by counting on myself. Bringing someone new into my life is scary. So. that is why I love the peom.
Wow... wonderful...thank you seems you know Dinah and me...
I am sure you must be living inside my Girlfriend's brain...This is EXACTLY how she feels right now.. She is in Austin Tx, I am in The Hague ,The Netherlands... (This long distance love isn't all it's cracked up to be you know !!) Maybe a theme for a poem
Not just romantic and wishy-washy, but rather, full of real human emotion, feeling and depth. Thank you for a beautiful poem!
in this poem i'll find myself
this poem really descibes how i feel.
I just really love this poem.I feel this way about a boy I love..

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