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I was at the mall with two of my friends. A lady approached me, while we were eating lunch, and sold me a rose. I gave the rose to one of my friends.

About my friends: One was my girl friend, whom I was utterly in love with. She had dark hair and the most beautiful eyes. I gave her the rose without hesitation. My other friend was not very pretty, but we were the best of friends. Though I'd only known her a few weeks, it seemed like we'd known each other forever.

Later that evening my girl friend broke up with me. And to my surprise, I wasn't sad. It didn't hurt. I thought about this for a time and came to a startling conclusion, I didn't love her at all. I loved Grace (my other friend). I didn't know this before because the three of us were always together. As long as I was with Grace I was happy. I wrote this poem that very night and gave it to her.

I Have No Rose For You

I have no rose for you
For all the time is spent
Wasted as it is
In this dream of mortal wonder
The burning dawns
The crisp wind
The soothing darkness
Such a fool I've been
I could not see
That flame your eyes
That wind your breath
That darkness your touch
So please forgive me
I have no rose for you
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7 Visitor Comments

Your story touch me more then your poem, it does not mean your poem is not good. It is great, specially when you appologize to someone
yea , i agree with Samantha
Years of wonder and endless hope, the times I prayed you'd learn to cope. On these pages your heart I'd find. Now I know, you'll do just fine.
very good
this poem is incredible and has true meaning behind it
What a fantastic poem.It made me realise that it's possible to be in love with somebody you don't really love.It's so painfull to be able to give to the person you don't love and unable to give to the person you love.
Sweetly simple, made my heart ache

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