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Our souls speak words that can never be heard by mortal ears. Our love is one of those delicate whispers that we feel and hear by our heart. This, I believe, is what draws us to our soulmates and gives us our fate.

I wish to inspire people to think and to learn from their mistakes, for knowledge is the key to everything. You learn to love, live and be happy through the knowledge that you have gained - something when you started with nothing.

Whispers Of The Soul

Whispered only by our soul
Achieved only by a goal
Hidden deep within our mind
Lay the past, present, and future behind
What truly moves us most?
For our body is a shell, a temporary host
For isn't happiness and bliss
Unleashed by true love's passionate kiss?

Does our will move us on?
Or is our desire to live a con?
Do we wish to truly die?
I think that depression is a lie -
Is life just a test for us to learn?
To live through our mistakes and slowly turn
Towards a happy and content life
Yet, we still have pain and strife?

I cannot believe in loss, nor will I ever fail
Even if my life is shallow, even if my love turns stale
I just cannot bare to think
That madness or death is on the brink
I will always believe in hope
I promise myself to adapt and to cope
For even though I am just a man
I will always do the very best I can
To live and love you forever.
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4 Visitor Comments

WoW! This is really one heck of a poem. You can really see what the author feels in the poem. Feelings come from the heart and not the eyes. Anyone who doesnt believe that will be their demise.
Very beautiful. Very insightful, yet easy to follow and relate to. I loved it.
Wonderful.very deep.
Just a little note to say this poem is brilliant, and explains itself perfectly, without going into a world of confusing words! Its so true what you write, and your ending is beautiful. 'life is how you see it' is what i believe in, and i wish i could put feelings into words as well as you do. It must feel brilliant when people comment, i know i'd be checking all the time! please do some more! Take care.

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