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This poem is about the important components in love. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

Times In Love

There are times when words aren’t enough
feelings can’t always be put into words;
because they are inadequate and often escape us
sometimes, there are only feelings.

There are times when all you need is a look;
a silent, wordless connection between souls
an understanding that needs no translation
a natural, knowing stare that says everything.

There are times when all you need is a touch;
nothing spoken - just the gesture of reaching out
touching, silently transferring your energy
conveying something that comes from within

There are times when all you need is acceptance
to know that you are valued as you are
that any changes you make only enhance you more
as you discover yourself.

There are times when all you need is love
no conditions or demands, only simplicity.
to know that for no reason at all
another chooses you over all others.
There are times when all you ever wanted,
was to be completed by another person.

There are times when you need all of these things
there are times when nothing else matters.
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18 Visitor Comments

i appreciate your poem soooOOOH much. it reflects to me in my lovelife. keep up the good work.
Poem had all the words I have ever wanted to share with my fiance. He loves me so much that he tries to understand me. He thinks though that I always want to hear everything, when in fact, I just want to be touched by him at times. or looked at ny him. and most of all accepted by him. Everytime I read this through I am touched by the poem and I can sense his love through it. Humans love imperfectly, but it's enjoyable seeing us love with what we have. I give this poem 4. 6 Stars out of 5.
This wonderful poem described how I feel about love. I liked it very much.
I have just spent a short time with someone i love deeply. Words did not seem enough. Then I saw this poem. It said it all. Wonderfull!
i loved your poem my boyfriend did to.
I thought this poem was truly beautiful. It spoke of true emotions I am going through at the moment. Thank you for expressing it so wonderfully!
Good Job girl! Continue to do what u do. U just made me feel better about myself.
I loved this poem, it expresses a lot of the ways I feel about my boyfriend in a way I could never get across to him.
Very romantic and loving - real!
I really liked this poem a lot, it has a lot of meaning to it.
I like this a lot it says things that are hard to say. It's real life.
This is onef the best poems ive read,You are very talnted,This poem represents love the way i belive it should be.
This is a great poem! Exactly the way I feel.
This poem is very true!
Thank you Sherri Anderson: I am alone tonight while my husband is away on busines. When he is gone I appreciate him more when he is not here. Absence makes the heart grown fonder. A simple to the point poem. Not too mushy. Just enough to show you were thinking of that special person. Thanks.
I reallylike this poem
This is undoubtedly the best poem I have ever read, at least it speaks clearly of the kind of love my companion and I share. Knowing love in its purest and simplest form is all any of us should ever want or hope for. Keep up the great work
This said exactly what i was looking to say to my husband for valentines. it was so moving! well written ! thank you

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