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In retrospect, after the relationship ends, what does one do if still in love? What can one do except reminisce about things that should have been said, the things that never should have been allowed to just slip by.

Is there a chance for the future?

What Is Life Without Love?

I fell in love with you once . . .
And while I couldn’t let you know immediately
Eventually, in time, all was revealed.
They say that when you fall into love,
It can never last.
They say that true love grows, takes time,
But from the time I first fell in love with you,
My love has grown.
I know now that if I had the choice
To do it all over again.
I would, without a moment’s hesitation.
Yes, there may be regrets.
Yes, there may be disappointments.
Yes, there may be uncertainty.
But what is life without love?

And while I know you’re not perfect -
After all, who is?
And while there may be things about you which get to me,
I love you, despite them all.
And while I’m sure there may be others,
Considered more beautiful, more lovely, more charming,
There are none considered by me.
For you, my love, are the most lovely in spirit,
The most charming in personality,
The most beautiful person I have ever known -
And as such, I love you.

I said I fell in love with you once -
Well, that wasn’t exactly true.
Because every time you look me in the eye,
And smile that smile of yours,
That bubbles up from within your heart,
I find myself falling in love with you all over again.
No matter what has happened in my day,
No matter how I feel,
I find my heart opening to you all over again
No matter what has happened in the past,
No matter what may, or may not happen in the future,
I find myself in love.
After all, what is life without love?
And what is love without you?
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7 Visitor Comments

this poem really touched my heart. And. there are no better words. to say. what life is without love.
This poem was absolutely incurable and I think one of the bests poem that I have read it in a very long time Especially the last line touched my heart and I almost cried and I just wanna say to the Author of this poem keep the good job up and thank you for sharing with us. much love from Jammal
this is a good pom
very real and very true
This poem appears to have been written from MY heart. The last two lines sum up the poem very nicely and the insight given by the poet is.beautiful.
I absolutely LOVE this poem!! It's very well written, and I'm positive many people can relate to it. Great Job!

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