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I wrote this poem for a girl. She was a special girl, and is still a special girl, though she is not in my life anymore. It's about life too! I'm not a full time poet, I just write what's on my mind.

Dreams And Wishes

I am the sky, he said to me;
I am the Earth, the lake, the tree.
Why do you say this? I said to he.
Son, he said, do you believe?
I believe in love, I believe in wishes;
I believe in dreams, and my ambitions.
You cannot touch love, he said so bold.
But, I can feel it in my soul.
Then he asked, and what about dreams?
I have dreams and dreams have me.
He looked at the sky, smiled, and said,
I am the fruit from which you are fed.
I thought this though. Thoughts filled my head.
When I finished, I then said,
I love the sky, I love the tree,
I love the lake, and they love me.
I love the Earth and up above,
I love to be happy, I love to love.
I make a wish, a wish so real,
I wish for the love of the wishing girl.
I dream my dreams till my sleep is done,
I dream to be with the dreaming one.
And when I have her, my love won’t go,
With each new day my love will grow.
I will continue to love, though I cannot touch it,
I will continue to love and always feel it.
Do you see my point, my puzzled friend?
I will love her to the very end.
He smiled at me, then turned away,
He left, but would return another day.
I laid and watched the clouds above,
Then I made a wish, a wish for love.
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11 Visitor Comments

hey this poem is great the way it was written bought a tear to my eye
This poem had made me take a step back and relize how lucky i am to have the girl i want in my life. its the most beautiful thing ive ever heard my eyes are brighter to have fallen on it. Thank you for such a feeling.
That poem was very good I loved it.
This is a really good poem. I'm still wishing for my guy to come along, if he ever does. Keep up the good work, it really is a great poem.
I thought this poem was just wonderful, so much that it brought a tear to my eye. I am not very good with words so I find these poems amazing!
if i say Great , won't be enugh for it, it is more then Great to me.
hey, i love this poem! deep love.. sigh
this is the best poem i ever read. it was powerfuland beautiful. it was great
so much detail , and emotion, a wonderful poem, just beautiful, thankyou sue
Wow; I thought that poem was beautiful. That was one of the best poems I've read.

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