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Dreaming that the person you long for feels the same way about you.

If Only I Knew

It is you I think of
My fingertips touching your lips
Moving slowly to your cheeks
And lightly over closed eyes

A breath sucked in
And slowly exhaled
Is my touch painful?
My fingers keep moving

I can feel your breath on my face
As you move closer
My heart beats faster

Waiting for your lips to touch mine
I wet my lips
I’m waiting

Your lips touch mine gently
Too gently
Hearts beat faster

I lean forward
Strong hands on my back
Bring me closer
Not close enough

Mouths open wider
Hands move to my neck and up
To cup my head
Fingers snake through my hair

You hold on tighter
Your grasp pulls me forward
My hair is loose now
Twisted through your fingers

Thigh touches thigh
Your hard chest is strained against me
Hands slowly fall away
I open my eyes

Looking into yours I see myself
I hope you’re thinking what I am
I wish I knew
If only I knew
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21 Visitor Comments

Touching, yet intense. You are truley talented Ally.
OMG. this poem its great. it opened a door of passion, its just wonderful!
omy god that was the sexeys poem ever
a great poem i like it alot someone in love like me can relate to it
hi ally all i can say tht YO! u r wonder full excellent u r terrific i also write poems but i relly apriciate tht u have puted alot of feelings in ur words bravo u r best in this.
I was really feeling the words u wrote. I wish I knew what my true love was thinking at times too. But keep up the good work.
Ally, I think you should think bigger on your poems because that was excellent. I felt like that at one time; and I wish I could have found the words to express my feelings at that time, or found your poem much sooner than know! Keep writing. your good, and I wish you well.
man i feel you, i really would want to know what this person thinks of me, and if he thinks to be with me, he says he does but i really dont know if its true, really good poem you got it.
All I can say is WOW!
I have to say that you did a wonderful job on this poem. Too many times I have been in a situation that you have described. I think that everyone has had a moment where they wanted to know, but didn't. Thank you for speaking the truth!
I really liked this poem..We oftne wonder does he or she feel the same. good poem
your poem hit me right in the right spot. I never new how to put such feelings into words till i read your peom it was like reliving the day that changed my life..
Ally, I read this poem and it sent chills up my spine. Bravo, beautiful words. Thank you.
i found it rather to the point. last night i wondered the same thing. could he really see through my eyes and see my soul and know what i felt. could he?
this poem is great,all i can say is wow..i enjoyed reading it very much.
This poem is so powerful. My heart kept beating faster as I read this. This was real powerful stuff you wrote here. You have something very rare that I wish that I could've had in me. You're really good. I loved this poem! Keep up the good work!
Ally, your poem is fantastic. I relates to my situtaion that i am in right now as though i wrote it myself. Searching through this site it was amazing and a relief to see that others ahve experienced the same as i am going through right now, i shall use it as a form of pickme up. Well done.
i enjoyed your poem very much!
i think that this a very deep and lovely poem i have dreans like that about a boy i like and have a crush on all the time i wish that would happen to me that is all i have to say and keep writing poems they are beautiful
I enjoyed that poem very much!

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